what pop culture thinks jim kirk is like: doesn’t remember the names of the thousands of ladies he’s slept with; must have fathered a zillion abandoned kids; constantly hitting on the women; eternally bang bang shebanging; nonstop love machine; womanizing dongpile; smarmy flirtmaster; smoochy powerstud

what jim kirk is actually like: nerdy feminist quoting shakespeare who likes to play dress-up; turned on by strong, intelligent women and the way spock touches walls



I pledge my undying love and respect for Christine Chapel for the way she handles this scene because can you imagine you have an unrequited crush on this guy and last year you got wasted on space booze and told him and he rejected you and then like a few months ago you tried to help him through some weird illness, maybe hoping he’d change his mind, and turned out it was him having the debilitating, life-threatening hots for some other person and then, AND THEN, he gets possessed by some smooth operator who thinks you’re pretty? And you have to work with this flirt in your crush’s body for the rest of the day? Because this isn’t Spock but come on, also, it is Spock, and it’s Spock telling her she’s pretty and nice to wake up to, and LISTEN CHAPEL I JUST THINK IT’S HIGH TIME SOMEONE ACKNOWLEDGED YOU HANDLED THIS NO DOUBT TORTUOUS SITUATION LIKE A STONE-COLD PRO.